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I'm in a bit of a pinch, you see. Mikaela has let me stay at her place, which confuses me. People are not often nice to or accepting of psychotic teddy bears (except those orphans in Russia I once found myself among). But the orphans had it coming; they chewed on me and tugged at my limbs and sat on me and stuff. Mikaela doesn't do that, so I don't feel it would be right to feast on her. Though there is plenty to feast on. (No Bear, stop thinking like that! Bad Bear, baaaad.) And she introduced me to my mail-order soullessmates, Agatha and Sin. We woke up last night and smoked some dope together, like... like friends which is not something I'm fucking used to. Not the dope part, but the friend part. She's even letting me use her iPhone, which is currently charging because I almost killed it looking at the Suicide Girls website last night.

I am not used to staying in one place for very long. I'm a wanted bear, and wanted bears don't just hang out in a condominium getting stoned and fucking two dead girls. But I thought of a way to repay Mikaela for her hospitality, while fulfilling my own need for human flesh. I'm going to eat her neighbors, starting with Joellen then moving on to Martha, then the asshats upstairs. Then I am sure I will be on my way to an undisclosed location for a while. (I never did make it to New Orleans.) But I'll send postcards back and forth with Agatha and maybe Sin.

I'm having feelings that are not rage and I don't know what the fucking fuck to do with them. I'm supposed to be scary and evil. This isn't normal. I think someone's been sneaking Prozac and Quaaludes into my oatmeal in the morning.
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