Jul. 16th, 2013

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Some of my associates in another house have just offered me a proposition. I come over and stay with them for a day or two...And get to eat their math professor.

I've already mentioned here my utter and complete disdain for the taste of math professor as a dish. However, this would be a matter of population control, since my associates explained to me that she does not get the concept of test anxiety and is stupid enough to act as if they simply do not understand the concepts involved when nontest grades show otherwise. So, perhaps I would be doing the world a favor by eating a snack. Then it would be a win-win situation for us all.

I'm only sad I couldn't bring my soulless mate Agatha with me. Or Sin. She'd enjoy that too, but this is a one bear affair. My associates made that clear.

So, today I'm digging through all of Mikaela's cookbooks, searching...and not finding a single recipe for a marinade or topping that goes well with the numberful taste of math professor. Ugggh. Do any of you know any? I would imagine the one I use on smoked hooker would almost work. But gonorrhea has a slightly different tang than algebraic equations. Whatever will I do.

Also, I'm stuffing Mikaela's iPhone up my ass for the journey. I finally managed to get the Hello Kitty case off mine, and have replaced it with something more... fitting.

Also, I was surfing around the bay of evil, and found this but since the person cannot even fucking spell the word bloody properly, I hold out little hope for the awesomeness of the item. *Sigh* Maybe I should eat that seller too while I am gone.

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