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Don't let it bring you down.
Created by chasingghosts and taken 56 times on Bzoink
Are you any good at packing a suitcase?: Very. I can even pack myself into a suitcase and zip it from the inside.
What are you hungry for right now, if anything?: Human flesh alongside a nice pinot noir.
Have you ever had a white hot chocolate? What did you think?: Absolutely not! Do I look like some kind of pansy-ass chocolate-lover?!
What will you be doing in twenty minutes from now?: Brooding.
Is there anybody in your house's bathroom right now?: Nobody.
Do you ever get eczema?: I get the mange.
What's your opinion on Miley Cyrus' new look?: I wouldn't eat that ugly, attention-seeking loser for anything. Yuck!
Have you ever witnessed a serious physical fight?: I've started many.
How much does gas cost in your area?: It's free. *fart*
Are you a fidgety sort of person?: Very.
What was the last thing you ordered at a restaurant?: A filet mignon, raw, a berry and truffle salad with a creamy dressing and a bottle of Jack.
Do you know how the politics of your country work?: The politics in the Land of Attic are pretty straight-forward. You're fucked. The entire Land is fucked.
How do you like to spend your alone time?: Jacking off.
Have you ever mowed a lawn?: Unless this is an innuendo, no.
Is there anyone you would do literally anything for?: hahaha NO.
On average, how many hours a day do you spend online? : Most of them. There isn't jack shit to fucking do here.
Is there an aquarium in your town or city?: There are two in this condo.
Have you ever done a "knock-and-run" prank?: Kind of. But they came after me and I had my machete ready.
When was the last time you were yelled at? What had you done wrong?: I get yelled at daily for trying to eat people.
Do you enjoy corn on the cob?: I enjoy Korn on the cob. Metal artists taste awesome!
Is there anything good on television at this very moment?: When Animals Attack. *fap fap fap*
What's your mood like today?: Surly.
Have you ever bought alcohol or cigarettes for someone underage?: Yes, and I am not proud of it, but hell they fell for my trap and made delicious dinner.
If you haven’t, would you ever do so?: ...
Under what circumstances do you think it would be okay?: Hunger!
Do you do your laundry regularly, or do you let it pile up?: I'm a bear for fuck's sake! I don't HAVE laundry.
Did you ever play Habbo Hotel when you were younger?: I played Life in the Attic. It sucked.
What about Neopets?: I once got carried off and chewed on by the family beagle, if that counts.
What's your favourite Thanksgiving dish?: The person stuffing the turkey.
Have you ever had the privilege of sleeping in a waterbed?: No. I wish! My claws would make that a bad idea.
Have you ever had to comfort a friend over the death of a loved one?: I laugh when people die.
When did you last watch fireworks? Did you kiss someone underneath?: I ate someone beneath them nine nights ago. It was awesome.
In your opinion, what's the ideal age to start having children?: They taste best around the age of 18-months, when they're chubby and juicy and put up a bit of a fight.
Have you ever stabbed a friend in the back, intentionally or not?: Literally and intentionally.
Do you have a account? If so, what's your opinion of it?: What's that mean? Last Fucking Moron?
Are you a seafood person?: I like sailor if I need something salty.
Have you ever had to lick a ton of postage stamps and envelopes?: Now why would I do that when I have Agatha? GET TO LICKING, WOMAN!
What's the longest you've ever slept in one go?: Sixteen hours on a park bench in Russia after a very hefty meal of cop.
Do you check the weather forecast everyday?: I could give a shit less. It's weather. Not like checking it can change it.
How far away does your best friend live?: He's dead. :o(
What did you have for breakfast this morning?: Joellen. It was a complex flavor mix of bitterness, goo, and something like how old people smell.
Have you ever dated someone with an accent different than yours?: I have an English accent and Agatha has had her tongue cut out. Does that count?
What’s the worst thing you've ever smelled?: Roses.
How long does your phone last before needing to be charged?: Well the one I'm borrowing right now needs it every other day 'cause I'm on it a lot.
Have you ever worked two jobs at once?: Eating and beating.
Who does most of the housework around your house?: AGATHA! GET TO WORK, DAMMIT!
How many glasses of water do you drink a day?: I dislike water. Is there water in wine?
Documentaries: interesting or boring?: I like the ones about serial killers and stuff.
What brand is your desktop or laptop?: I'm using an HP right now.
Have you ever spoken badly about someone then realised they were behind you: No, they were right in front of me.
Do you enjoy the smell and taste of cinnamon?: TIGERS HATE CINNAMON! THEY LOVE PEPPER! But yeah, I do.
If you use Snapchat, have you ever had a screenshot taken of you?: I thought that read snapsnatch and was going to say I've probably used it.
Who were you last in a car with and where were you going?: 1957, to get ice cream.
How old is your youngest cousin?: I have no family.
When was the last time you ate tacos?: I ate a Mexican in a taco a week ago. With salsa verde. Highly reccommended.
Does caffeine effect you, or not so much?: I don't drink it. I'm wound up enough. And it gives me the runs.
Who was the last person you annoyed?: Everyone.
Do you have central air in your home?: No, it's noncentrical. Asshat.
What is your favourite flavour of cake?: Mince pie. Like the kind in "Sweeney Todd".
Do you make your bed everyday?: AAAAGATHAAAA! MAKE THE FUCKING BED!
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A 3D graphic Mikaela made for me of The Bear with blood dripping down the lettering.

Date: 2013-07-13 09:40 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] asfreeasleaves
*Cracks open a cherry pepsi and takes a long sip and a drag off his cigarette* Remind me never to get smokes from YOU.

Also, how the hell you expect Agatha to lick your postage stamps when she's got no tongue!

Blah Blah Blah

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