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Mikaela has a very sore mouth and face. So, being a bear of extreme intelligence, I decided to write her a poem to cheer her up, and also because if not for her I'd not have my soullessmates. So let me see here...

Blood drops are red
Coffins are black
I'll take all your neighbors
Stab them in the back
And eat all their flesh
In a yummy mince pie.
You can have some too
There's no need to cry.
Except for your mouth
is so sad and so sore.
I'll feed you Joellen
Because she's a big whore.
But if nosy neighbor
Is not to your taste
I'll come up with another
With zeal and great haste.
How about animals?
They're sweet and they're fine.
I've heard that pureed kitten
Is really divine.

There. You better appreciate it, you bitch. I stole a joint from you to write that.
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