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~*The Best Random Survey Ever*~
Created by 101candygirl and taken 291 times on Bzoink
What is the main thing that makes/made you want to go to school?: Fleshy teachers.
What was the best present that you have ever gotten?: My soulless mates, Sin and Agatha.
What is your favorite magazine?: Cannabilism & Fine Wines
If you could have any pet in the world, what kind would you get?: A lobster, with garlic butter for dipping.
What was the first CD that you bought?: Some 4-Non Blondes shit. Don't judge!
Do you have a favorite type of water? What type?: The kind with fermented grapes in it.
What do you think of the Jonas Brothers?: Delish!
Describe your favorite pair of sunglasses.: I see them laying in an abandoned field, next to my most recent dinner's remains...
What is your favorite cereal?: Wife Crispies.
What was your favorite Halloween costume?: Do you think I fucking need one? Come on!
Do you like cats?: Too many fleas. And they kind of freak me out, to be honest.
What is your favorite song right now?: "The Lord is a Monkey" by Butthole Surfers. Mikaela, you have some fucked up shit on this computer.
How often do you read for fun?: Wh- wh- what is this "fun" you speak of?
Do you read the newspaper?: Sometimes, if it's ledgible after I've cleaned my face and paws with it.
What color car do you own/want?: A yellow and red Tonka bug.
What do you think of the show American Idol?: American Idiot.
Who was your least favorite teacher?: Mikaela's seventh grade maths teacher. She tasted like a fucking vegan.
Is there a song that you absolutely late?: I'm a barbie girl, in a barbie world. Life in plastic, it's fantastic. (((earworm)))
Do you like dancing? Have you ever taken a dance class?: Uh, no.
If you won a million dollars what would you buy first?: Adele.
What color is your bedspread?: I don't have my own but I'm currently using Jaimie's black and white blanket.
What kind of phone do you have?: A Hello Kitty fucking iPhone.
What was the weirdest show that you watched as a kid?: When Polar Bears Attack. Ok, first of all, they don't attack. They're total pansies.
Do you like country music?: Noooo! Shit! If your wife left again, the dog ran away, your gun don't shoot, you're drunk again, and your momma don't love you... maybe you're the issue.
What color socks are you wearing?: I'm not.
Do you remember what you last took a picture of?: I was smoking a joint and giving the finger but Mikaela erased it.
What time do you normally get up at?: Whenever the fuck I want.
At what time do you normally go to bed?: See above.
How often do you text?: Rarely.
What is something that you did, but quit or left early?: Paris Hilton. I'm not explaining this one.
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