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good morning sunhine, awake when the sun hits the sky
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why are you where you are right now?: It\'s a long and fucking horrible story, but I have mistakelt ended up in a small China fidhing village.
did you used to watch blues clues?: HELL FUCKING NO
whats your opinion on people wearing high heels to school?: It kind of throws off the delicate taste of the arch.
what game system(s) do you own?: Just some free Tetris shit on mymtr iPhonr@
are you a twilight fan?: Uh, negative.
what are you hungry for right now?: Bella. Why can't we just do away with that talentless, expressionless waste of spacce?
when\'s the last time you threw up?: I haven't ever thrown up. Do you not realize by now that I have a gut made of titamium?
play any musical instruments?: Ribophones. It's like the xylophone, but, well, yeah...
what difficulty do you play on guitar hero?: I can't. I have claws of death.
do you have any piercings other than on your ears?: Ask Sin. She knows. ;)
what school did your father attend?: The Build-a-Bear School of Business. He got his B.S. in stuffing off.
are your nails painted at the moment?: You're kidding.
what will you be doing tomorrow?: I have no idea. At the moment I'm knocking back saki in hopes of blacking out and waking to find this was all a nightmare.
do you still buy cds or do you just download everything?: I buy my downloads. I may be a bear of beary little morals, but I wouldn't steal people's hard-earned work.
do you listen to any music that doesn't have lyrics?: Johann Sebastian Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor".
do you stutter when you get nervous?: Absolutely not.
describe what you were wearing yesterday.: I had to wear a goddamned kimono to fit in here. It sucked out loud.
that last person you talked to on the phone said..: "I'm sorry, but your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please hang up and try again or dial zero for assistance." That cunt.
you're at the grocery store, what 3 fruits do you get?: Amygdala, cerebellum, medulla oblongata. (I *am* in China, afterall!)
your lunch consisted of..?: Tuxedo cat kabobs.
do you attend church regluarly?: I regularly set them aflame as I innocently pass by.
any superstitions?: I *am* a superstition! Beat THAT, bitch!
what is your favorite superhero movie?: Any where the bad guy wins.
do you listen to cobra starship?: What what what?
do you watch gossip girl?: Only to wank to.
what do you get whenever you go school shopping?: Third graders.
what is your #4's dog's name?: Cujo.
do you have a temper?: I prefer to refer to it as "selective tolerance".
do you consider yourself responsible?: Very much so. I know how to hide a body.
what is the time?: The time is how you know what time it is. *rolls very glassed-over eyes*
anything special going on today?: Maaaaaybe. I might be able to sneak on a ship to Japan, which I would much prefer.
are you tired?: Yes, but if a bear falls asleep in China he ends up in the zoo and I AM NOT GOING BACK TO NO FUCKING ZOO!
what is your favorite kind of chips?: Does a Chip 'n' Dale count?
last time you ate chocolate?: That. Is an awfully personal question.
would you live in another country if you had the chance?: I am hoping to. I hate it here. Everything's made in China, including child labor and Communism.
do you think that aliens exist?: I've met quite a few of these lovely being (by the way, they're genderless.)
what kind of mascara do you use?: When I'm in Pensacola, I use Mik's sometimes so I can go to the LGBTQ club ad fit it. I think it's Maybelene.
what do you doodle most often?: Demons, snakes, scorions, evil clowns, skulls and cross bones, Smurfs... the typical stuff.
if you went to jail, what would you go for?: I almost went for cannabilism a couple years ago until I pointed out that I'm not human and it was just part of the natural order of things. (Brilliant, I know.)
are there any bruises on your body right now?: I wouldnn't know. I am covered in fur.
what about scratches?: See above.
what are they from?: I DON'T FUCKING KNOW!
if you died next week, what would be the cause of death?: The shitty food here.
what do you think about dating websites?: Great way to pick up gals and guys... for dinner. MY dinner; not their dinner.
what is your favorite thing to get at starbucks?: I try to avoid Starfucks.
what about at mcdonalds?: An Oreo McFurry.
do you wear contacts or glasses?: No and no. I have perfect vision.
your ex, do you still live them?: Fuck her! Fuck her sideways with a herpes infested, barbwire dildo!
are you two still friends?: Seriously?
what is one memory you have from elementary school?: I don't. I was being held hostage in the Land of Attic.
do you own a pair of converses?: Nope. But I got an email from Mikaela who said her ex (who needs to die) left some really nice ones at her house and they'll all mine next time I make it back to Pensacola.
do you own a box or markers or crayons?: I do not, but Mikaela has TONS which I admit I enjoy using.
how many clocks are in your room?: Not a one, but there are some wrist watches.
how many fridges are in your house?: One.
what about freezers?: One.
do you like seafood?: I like bloated, not-too-long-dead divers. Does that count?
what is the best way to tell someone that they stink?: "You smell like a skunk's asshole after he has binged on Taco Bell."
what time will you go to bed tonight?: I will be sleeping on the ground under a cherry tree, which is not as pretty as it sounds.
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Date: 2014-05-12 07:45 pm (UTC)
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Hey Bear
You need a ride from China to Japan? I'l come get you.

Also, save some of the sake for me, you bastard.


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