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Mikaela and I are having a fucking bad day, today. We woke up at 3:00 like we do every morning, she fell hard, and I am just a little bear. You know? I couldn't get her up. I felt helpless, which is how I guess she feels when it happens, I don't personally like having feelings of any kind, and she isn't the happiest right now for soooooooooooo many reasons, bur == she;s been respectful toward myself so I won't cross any lines and say why she's unhappy. I will say that once Joellen's fucking horribly annoying voice goes away, our Xanax ought to have kicked in then... then we'll crawl into a rather expensive bubble bath, lounge back and go a little vacay to a place called Valley of Oblivion, where nobody is required to given a shit. I fact, I'm fairly certain shit-giving is considered a felony there.
Me, sad and beaten up.
A 3D black glitter which changes from turquoise circles to dark purple ones, then back again reading: The Bear & Mikaela.

-The Bear
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